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Twin City Attorneys, also known as James Whelpley & Associates, Chartered offers competent and effective legal services.

James Whelpley, Attorney at Law 

Jim Whelpley was admitted to practice law in Minnesota in 1975, the Court of Military Appeals in 1976, the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota in 1981 and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in 1982.  He is also licensed as a lawyer in Wisconsin.  Jim started as a lawyer in the Marine Corps, where he handled both criminal and civil cases.  He has handled a broad range of cases over the last 38 years, including thousands of divorces and hundreds of bankruptcies.

Jim always looks for a way to help every client, including those that choose to represent themselves, either because they have limited funds or simply because they want to represent themselves.  Call 651-639-0313 if you want guidance with your legal project, especially divorce or civil litigation.

For responsive, experienced and professional legal services, contact Twin City Attorneys. The firm represents clients throughout the Twin City Metropolitan area, including Ramsey, Washington, Chisago, Anoka, Wright, Hennepin, Carver, Scott, and Dakota counties.

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