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Bankruptcy is designed for those with financial troubles who need a fresh start. At Twin City Attorneys our first task is to help you decide whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy (removing many debts) or Chapter 13 bankruptcy (establishing a payment plan to get out of debt) is better for you. Some clients may prefer an alternative to bankruptcy.

There are many good reasons for filing bankruptcy. Some lose a job.  Illness can lead to financial trouble. Others succumb to   credit cards with high interest rates. A debtor often must contend with an impending lawsuit,  judgment, foreclosure or repossession IMMEDIATELY.

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Family Law

Divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, child support and paternity cases can be emotional. Our philosophy is to vigorously protect your legal rights without adding to the conflict and controversy. Our experience with thousands of clients translates into affordable, high quality representation.

If the parties are in agreement or the divorce is not contested, we offer do-it-yourself (DIY) assistance. We provide all necessary paperwork and instructions for filing. You pay only for the legal services you really need. We also offer do-it-yourself help for contested motions, custody and visitation modifications, whether before or after the decree is entered.

Of course, experienced lawyers know the client will be best served when legal services are tailored to the client’s needs. Some want a quick divorce with no controversy. Others will want us to zealously demand all the legal rights they are entitled to.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning need not be intimidating, uncomfortable and complicated.  Many people postpone planning until it’s too late. But estate planning is a critical component of a plan to protect your family and the product of your life’s work.

An effective plan can protect your estate when you are disabled or after you die.  A plan can direct how your assets will be distributed; reduce estate and gift taxes; reduce or eliminate costs of probate; name the persons you want to administer your estate; give some protection from creditors and lawsuits; better protect your privacy; and provide for control of your assets if you are incapacitated.

Part of our job to help you understand why an estate plan is important to your family’s future.  We create customized plans using tools such as wills, trusts, health care directives and powers of attorney.  You can then choose the best way to allocate your family’s important assets.

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Civil Litigation

Sometimes, only a lawsuit will resolve a dispute.  Or someone may sue you. In either case, you need skilled attorneys you can afford.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide variety of cases. Twin City Attorneys will help you keep the time and costs under control while we protect your rights.


Criminal Defense

An arrest or criminal charge is frightening with consequences far into the future. Anyone arrested for a DWI or domestic abuse needs an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Whatever the situation, whether a felony or misdemeanor, an experienced criminal lawyer can help. Our attorneys have experience with cases involving dwi, dui, fraud, drug possession, drug distribution, domestic violence, domestic abuse, sex abuse or protection order violations.

With both prosecution and defense experience, we know the court system and how to negotiate with prosecutors. When charged with a crime, get an experienced lawyer on your side. To start, fill out the general legal form available here or in our offices.

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