What’s the First Step If I Want to File Bankruptcy?

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To file bankruptcy, do three things.

First, call our office at 651-639-0313  for an appointment.  During the appointment we gather the information necessary to prepare your bankruptcy and discuss how filing bankruptcy will affect you.

Second, download, print and fill out our Bankruptcy Worksheet available at the top of this page. The worksheet contains questions about your income, assets, finances, and your debts and creditors, all information that is necessary to file bankruptcy.  Many of the questions will not apply to your case. But fill out as much of the form as you can. We can help you complete the form at your appointment.  YOU CAN SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU NEED TO, but it helps both of us if you’re prepared.

Finally, come to our office located at:

2151 North Hamline Avenue Suite 202 Roseville, MN 55113

Our office is in a round two story brick building on the southwest corner of County Road B and Hamline Avenue, about ½ mile east of the Har Mar shopping mall and one mile southeast of Rosedale.

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Have further questions that are not covered in our Bankruptcy FAQ pages, we understand.  Contact us today for help and assistance with your financial issues.  A simple phone call, (651) 639-0313 or email today can relieve your stress and change your life.  Contact us today!

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