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Sometimes, the only way to resolve a dispute is to sue someone.  that brings you into the world of civil litigation.

Or someone may have sued you. Either way, you need attorneys to handle the case with the attention and care it deserves.  Attorneys with experience can act without making the situation worse.

A good attorney will also be alert to ways to defuse contentious situations.  It is also our job to suggest alternatives to difficult and expensive civil litigation.

Lawsuits in Minnesota typically begin with “service” of a summons and complaint.  If you receive any document calling itself a summons or a complaint, do not ignore it.  There is a good likelihood that if you do not respond, you will lose by default and a judgment will be entered against you.  If that happens, the party suing you (the “plaintiff”) may start to garnish your paycheck or take money out of your bank account.

We have talked to many people who think that a judgment can’t be entered against them until they have gone to court.  This is not true. Ignoring a summons may be all it takes to allow a judgment to be entered against you.

We have also talked to people that were shocked to discover that a judgment had been entered against them.  They knew what the summons and complaint were, but had done some research and decided that they hadn’t been properly served, so they didn’t worry about it.  This turned out to be a big mistake.

Default judgments are difficult and expensive to get rid of.  It is almost always better to stop the default if you can.  One of our lawyers can discuss the alternatives with you.  Besides defending the lawsuit for example, we can potentially negotiate a reduced payment, set up a payment plan, or if the situation is bad enough, consider a bankruptcy.

If you are the one starting the civil litigation, need to talk about the options the defendant has, including anything from defending the lawsuit to filing bankruptcy.

At Twin City Attorneys we help you keep the time and costs under control while we make sure your rights and interests are protected.  Should you file a suit?  What is the best strategy if you are sued?  It is our job to help you.

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