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Minnesota Divorce Attorney
Divorce, separation, child custody, parenting time (visitation), child support, and paternity cases can be emotional and contentious.  Twin City Attorneys are Minnesota divorce lawyers that will not add to the conflict and controversy, but will vigorously protect your legal rights. With thousands of clients in family law cases, our experience translates into more effective representation by our Minnesota divorce lawyers and lower costs.

If the parties are in agreement or the divorce is not contested, we offer do-it-yourself (DIY) assistance. We provide all necessary paperwork and instructions for filing. You avoid paying for legal services you don’t need. We also offer do-it-yourself help for contested motions, custody and visitation modifications, whether post decree or before the decree is entered.

Of course, not every divorce can be done by agreement.  Our experienced attorneys  know the client will be best served when the legal services are tailored to the needs of the client. Some clients want a quick divorce with little controversy. Others will want us to zealously demand all the legal rights to which they are entitled.

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Family law covers a lot of territory.

Minnesota divorce lawyers, like divorce lawyers nationally, deal with a wide variety of issues, from so-called social issues like child custody and parenting time (visitation) to straight financial issues like property division and allocation of debts to more mixed areas like child support.

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