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We want you to have as much information on Bankruptcy, Family Law, Criminal and Civil Law as possible.  So our expert attorneys at Twin City Attorneys have put together the below list of helpful and useful links.

Keep in mind that legal problems are complex and that you should only make a decision about your legal situation after consulting an experienced and licensed attorney following a full discussion of the facts of your particular case.


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Bankruptcy Publications

These books on bankruptcy are available online or at many local bookstores.

  • Consumer Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy, by Henry J. Sommer
  • Personal Bankruptcy and Debt Readjustment: A Step by Step Guide, Kenneth J. Doran, K. J. Doran
  • Credit after Bankruptcy: A Step by Step Guide, Stephen Snyder
  • Debt Free: Your Guide to Personal Bankruptcy Without Shame, James P. Caher, John M. Caher

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